Peer Reviewed Lawyers: At a Glance

What are Martindale-Hubbell Peer review ratings?

Lawyer’s high ethical standards, professional ability etc. are reviewed by The Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings which has generated from evaluations of lawyers by other members of the bar and the judiciary in the United States and Canada. A lawyer first gets his/her review usually after three years of their admission to the bar.

Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings let others review the ethical standards and legal ability of lawyers in specific fields of their expertise. It’s an online rating system and happened across multiple jurisdictions and geographic locations comparing to similar areas of practice as the lawyer being rated. The ratings appear in all the formats of the Martindale-Hubbell® Law Directory, in the online listings on®,, on the Martindale-Hubbell services, on Martindale-Hubbell mobile apps.

The Explanation of the Ratings

Martindale-Hubbell® Peer Review Ratings™ shows ethical standards rating and legal ability rating precisely that help the clients judge lawyers easily. A great number of responses are required to get the perfect rating based on an average evaluation.

The ethical standard rating provides a good link to professional standards of conduct and ethics, reliability, diligence and other criteria that are related to the discharge of professional responsibilities. Lawyers who meet the “very high” criteria of General Ethical Standards can get to the next step- Legal Ability.

Legal Ability ratings are found by checking five key areas. It’s expressed on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest). The areas are given below:

Legal Knowledge –Lawyer’s wisdom about the laws governing his/her specific area of practice(s)

Analytical Capabilities –Lawyer’s ability to investigate on legal issues and applying required knowledge.

Judgment –Lawyer’s insight and logic that brings out the best possible outcome.

Communication Ability – Lawyer’s ability to communicate with his clients logically and persuasively

Legal Experience –Lawyer’s degree of experience in his specific area of expertise

The numeric rating range may coincide with the appropriate Certification Mark:

  • AV Preeminent (4.5-5.0) – AV Preeminent® is a rating system where a lawyer’s peers rank him or her at very high professional excellence.
  • BV Distinguished (3.0-4.4) –Lawyers with little experience are rated by BV Distinguished. It distinguishes one lawyer from other who is usually competitors.
  • Rated (1.0-2.9) –It will give designation only to the lawyers who have suited the very high criteria of General Ethical Standing.

Areas of Practice

Martindale-Hubbell generally ranks the lawyers by reviewing their expertise in some specific practice areas and ensures that all the lawyers are rated based on similar areas. Individual lawyers may like to switch their areas of expertise but when they are ranked, it’s based upon their regular practice areas in which they have worked for several years. They make a list of practice area depending on user behavior, research on emerging areas of law and other forms of legal research. They not only rank the lawyers but also update their database on a regular basis to keep pace with the changing necessities of legal industries.

Feedback and Comments

Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings gives the opportunity of providing feedback on the performance and efficiency of lawyers under review. Feedback is published anonymously with the review result and the lawyers can put a one-time comment in the comment section of the feedback. Martindale-Hubbell subscribers are allowed to highlight two peer feedback comments displaying them at the top of rating. These peer review feedback usually become archived after two years.

The peer review feedback is shown for only the listed attorneys in the Martindale-Hubbell database. They publish information about lawyers/firm that they’ve gathered by judging their ethical standard and capability of solving cases and by investigating on particular areas of their expertise or interest. They provide the information to a couple of forum which let other third-party companies and lawyer’s association share their feedback on their websites like or By this process, Martindale-Hubbell lawyers attract clients.

One of our top recommended peer reviewed lawyers in Ottawa is Diamond & Diamond, they are car accident and injury lawyers headed by Jeremy Diamond.

But it’s not any advertising and they don’t work as an agent of lawyer/firm in publishing their reviews to the world. Lawyers have the right to decide whether their review ratings will be published in other websites or not. If any site publishes their details with feedback on them, it makes sure the lawyers have full permission to that. Martindale-Hubbell doesn’t have the right to go against the lawyers/firm preference. These review ratings are very precious for every lawyer/firm because their future success depends on it.

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