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Types of Bed Sheets

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One cannot ignore the bed sheets if planning for a good sleep. It is as important as bedding. One must be aware of the fabrics and linens before making a purchase. The following are the different types of bed sheets:


It is the most preferred linen as it is of high quality. It is the most durable and best one when compared to other fabrics. You can find a blend of different colors and materials which will give you ample choices. The Egyptian cotton comes under the top class and it is slightly expensive. It has long staple which is the reason behind its softness and tenderness. The Egyptian cotton is cultivated in the warm climate of North America.The Egyptian cotton is the top most quality of cotton and is in public demand. The Pima cotton has medium to large staples and it is grown in United States. It is popular for its natural sheen and softness. If you are looking for 100% American Pima Cotton, do try Supimabed sheets. It is trademarked cotton.  The micro cotton is a yarn produced in India. It is the finest among the world. It is made up of long staples. If you are looking for the new-aged fiber, Tencel can be opted. They are used for bedding and linens. The greatest advantage of tencel is that it resists moisture and prevents the growth of bacteria. People who have low immune system must opt for tencel.        


It is produced from silkworms and comes under luxury class. It is very soft and delicate. Silk is generally associated with romance. If you are newly married or are planning a honeymoon, do not miss to purchase a silk bed sheet. If you are suffering from any allergy, silk is usually recommended. A silk bed sheet can be used both for summers and winters. However, avoid it in extreme winters.


It is produced from polymers and is man-made. It is known for its durability, hence is mostly preferred in hotels and motels. It is less expensive.  It is generally used as filler between the cotton sheets as it is slightly scratchy. Avoid polyesters as much as you can.


One must be aware of the blends before making a purchase. They are highly durable and are mostly purchased because of this quality. Blends depend on the type of requirements. A combination of cotton and silk is most popular. The bedding fabrics are mostly a blend of cotton and viscose fiber.

Hope this article has thrown light in different types of bed sheets. You can choose the colors and fibers depending upon your interiors. The climate also plays a major role in the selection of bed sheets. You can opt for a branded bed sheet if you are looking for something genuine and unique. There are multiple stores that cater to this need.  Do let us know your experience and also your favoritebed sheet.