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Types of bedding

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A comfortable sleep is the desire of every mankind. We cannot compromise with sleep at any cost, isn’t it?  A good sleep demands many things, and comfortable bedding is one among them. With the rise in interior decorations, bedding has become an integral part of households. People do not mind shelling out cash for comfortable bedding. Wondering about the variants in bedding? Here, are few types of bedding:

Top Sheet:

It is also known as the flat sheet. It is placed over the top of the bed. It separates the bed from the comforter. A duvet adds to the comfort level as it protects the body from the harsh materials of the bed directly.


It is mainly used to decorate the bed. It doesn’t touch the floor and also doesn’t cover the pillows.


It is slightly thinner when compared to the coverlet. It is also used to decorate the bedding. It is meant to cover the entire bed including the pillows as well. It touches the floor and gives a classy look.


It is also known as throw. It is placed at the foot of the bed and adds to the looks of the bed. It is mostly used during winters to add warmth to the body. The chilling wind during winters makes us shiver; hence a blanket is neatly folded and placed.


It is a bed cover which is completely filled with fibers. It is stitched from all the four sides. It is usually used during extreme winters. The stuffed fiber ensures that warmth is generated and the body is protected from the chills of the winters. They come in different colors and patterns and are slightly expensive. If you love a decorative bed, comforters are just meant for you. It doesn’t require any external cover.


It is also mainly used to protect oneself from winters. It can be equally used as a decorative product for your bed, provided you have a higher budget. It is similar to comforter, but the only difference is that you need to add a cover to Duvet. All the four sides are stitched and fiber is stuffed inside the duvet. You can easily make the bed without taking the pain of tucking the bed sheet.

Hope this article has been useful to you. If you are a cleanliness freak and love your bedroom to be clean, you must learn the bedding rules.  A neat and clean bed will not only give a good appearance to your room but will also initiate a good night’s sleep. There are many physical as well as online stores that specifically cater to the needs of beddings. You do not have to waste time in search for beddings and decor. There are brands that offer some of the unique bedding collections. If you are particular about your interior, good bedding is a must. Do let us know your opinions on beddings and their varieties.

Factors to be considered while buying bedding

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We all live a hectic life and are tired throughout the day. We desire for a comfortable sleep once we are back, don’t we? A neatly made bed will lure us to sleep and take away all the tiredness. There are times when we make the mistake of choosing the right bedding. We aren’t aware of the factors of choosing the right bedding, nor do we prioritize it much. The following are the Factors to be considered while buying bedding:

Make a budget:

Yes, before you step to purchase bedding, it is important to plan your budget. You might end up shelling out more cash or get attracted by bedding that may not be of use to you. Hence, set a budget and look for bedding accordingly.

Know your measurements:

You must be aware of the bed as well as mattress so that you can make perfect bedding. Take the side measurements, the length and the width and all the other necessary details. You cannot have a bigger cot and smaller mattress, as the extra space will pop out. Neither can you have small cot nor larger mattress, as the extra mattress will be seen out. Hence, a proper measurement is a must. Meanwhile, also check the depth so that the bed sheets can fit onto your bedding.


There are a lot of fabrics available in the market. It is better to choose the fabric before making a purchase. There are fabrics like cotton, cotton blends, silk, satin, and polyester and so on which serves a different purpose. The cotton fabric is widely popular due to the comfort level. The silk fabric is slightly expensive; however, it is best for health and winters. Polyester is strictly no-no as it too scratchy and shiny in nature. Satin can be used for the aesthetic purpose and they are slippery. They do not absorb any moisture or air. If you are looking for something cozy, opt for the flannel. You must also be careful with the quality. Wear and tear are common while choosing the bedding. Do calculate and opt for it.


Once you are clear with the measurements and fabric, the next task is to choose the right color. Yes, colors have the great impact on our lives. You got to choose the colors based on the interiors. Do not buy too loud colors or too light colors. Loud colors will be too bright; hence it is better to avoid them. Light colors will attract a lot of dirt and one cannot afford to clean it every time, thus a medium color must be chosen. You can choose the design as per your choice. It can be plain or printed.

Hope this article has been useful to you. Follow these simple tips before purchasing bedding. These are the basic factors to be considered before purchasing bedding, and will definitely be of great help. You will not regret it. Let us know your experience.