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Types of mattresses

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If you need to relax and rest, you got to be having a soothing mattress. You need to take care of the back pain and sleeping comfort when it to comes to choosing a mattress. If you are using an old mattress, it is the time you change it. You definitely do not want to compromise on your health due to a low-quality mattress. There are various types of mattresses available in the market and there are various factors to evaluate them. The materials in mattresses are different and it is the major deciding factor. One can choose a mattress depending upon the budget, material and size.

Types of mattresses available in the market:

Innerspring mattress: It uses a steel coil mattress system. The innerspring is covered using upholstery materials or paddings. Higher the number of coils better is the comfort level.

Hybrid mattress: It is a combination of spring coil and various types of foams. The foams that have gels are also preferred.

Waterbed: It uses water to add support to the mattress. There are hard-sided waterbeds as well as soft-sided waterbeds. A combo of spring coil and fiber is used to make these waterbeds comfortable. The water flow is non-stop and there are chambers inside the waterbed. The water chamber is inside the rectangular frame in case of hard sided waterbed. In soft-sided waterbed, a fiber casing is used to place these rectangular frames which have the water chambers inside.

Foam mattresses: This is the most popular type of mattress and uses foam to support the system. The foam can be polyurethane foam, latex foam, gel foam or other types of foams. The shape of foams varies depending upon the mattresses.

Gel mattresses: Haven’t heard of it? A gel mattress uses foam gel. The gel is added to the foam using various technologies. It is the gel that decided the quality and comfort level of the mattress. The price also varies depending upon the foams.

Air beds: An adjustable air chamber is used in the bed systems. The padding or upholstery materials are used to cover the residential air bed chamber. Loads of foams and fibers are also used. If you are looking for a mattress which can be customized s per your choice, air beds are perfect for you. One can adjust the firmness and each side of the bed can be controlled depending upon the support. It is more of a conventional bed.

Latex mattresses: They are also very popular and are the most opted ones. Latex foam is used for latex mattresses. Foams and upholstery materials both are used. The latex can be plant based or petroleum jelly based. The prices will vary depending upon the materials used.

Adjustable foundations: They are the flexible kind of mattresses as the sleep surface can be adjusted as per the needs of the individual.

Hope this article has been useful to you. Do choose the mattress based on your requirements. A good mattress will ensure a good sleep as well as good health.