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Kinds of bed-sheet material available in the market

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Bed-sheets are a significant home furnishing item which is required by everybody. It is kind of your bed cover. Bed sheets are available in many materials, colors, textures and more. The categories are endless. Out of the bed sheet materials available, linen is the best and the most popular one. This fabric does not only give beautiful look but is also smooth in texture. Linen is the topmost choice in bed sheet materials. You will get the wide variety of color combinations, patterns and designs to enhance your room’s appeal.

You must have heard the following saying “early to bed and early to rise.” Old age people believe in this concept. It has many advantages. The first and important advantage is that you require sufficient sleep. If you get the good amount of sleep then your day would be done effectively and efficiently. Most of our day to day activities are performed in our bedroom. Research says that 1/3 of our life is spent in our bedroom. The bedroom is a haven of peace, place of solace that provides relaxation and peace after the hectic day. In the bedroom, we relax the mind, body and soul and revitalize. The comfortable environment is essential for having a good and sound sleep. If your bedroom has designer aspect then it serves both ornamental and functional aspects.

Designer bed linen creates the best ambiance wading off all your nightmares keeping a person turning and tossing the entire night. Bed linens are made from fine materials which make them look beautifully decorated and stylish. The fabric should be durable, strong, lightweight and smooth on skin. It should also withstand ironing, bleaching, and frequent washing. The material of the bed sheet should be well aerated allowing effective fresh air circulation and keeping off sweating, unpleasant scents, dampness, and stuffiness. It should also be comfortable in chilly nights.

This all can be made possible only when the fabric has high-tech embroidery techniques, right stitching, and proper foam liners. Various bed materials have various functions. The types of bed materials available in the market are cotton, linen, satin, silk, polyester, and more. Cotton is considered as the best as it is 100% chemical free ad natural. Linen is the topmost choice of the people. Satin and silk fabric bed sheets help in enhancing the beauty of the room. Polyester is low-quality material and very cheap. If you want bed sheets for daily use then you can buy cotton and linen whereas if you want to give your bedroom a designer look then you can select silk and satin bed sheets.

If you purchase high-quality material bed sheets then it is very authentic, suitable for all your rooms and there is always manufacturer’s warranty. Bed sheet materials play an important role. In some manufacturing centers, the material is tested and certifies then sold. This means that the material is 100% chemical free and will have no adverse effect on the human body. These things are also important to be considered if you have certain skin allergies.

Types of Bed Sheets

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One cannot ignore the bed sheets if planning for a good sleep. It is as important as bedding. One must be aware of the fabrics and linens before making a purchase. The following are the different types of bed sheets:


It is the most preferred linen as it is of high quality. It is the most durable and best one when compared to other fabrics. You can find a blend of different colors and materials which will give you ample choices. The Egyptian cotton comes under the top class and it is slightly expensive. It has long staple which is the reason behind its softness and tenderness. The Egyptian cotton is cultivated in the warm climate of North America.The Egyptian cotton is the top most quality of cotton and is in public demand. The Pima cotton has medium to large staples and it is grown in United States. It is popular for its natural sheen and softness. If you are looking for 100% American Pima Cotton, do try Supimabed sheets. It is trademarked cotton.  The micro cotton is a yarn produced in India. It is the finest among the world. It is made up of long staples. If you are looking for the new-aged fiber, Tencel can be opted. They are used for bedding and linens. The greatest advantage of tencel is that it resists moisture and prevents the growth of bacteria. People who have low immune system must opt for tencel.        


It is produced from silkworms and comes under luxury class. It is very soft and delicate. Silk is generally associated with romance. If you are newly married or are planning a honeymoon, do not miss to purchase a silk bed sheet. If you are suffering from any allergy, silk is usually recommended. A silk bed sheet can be used both for summers and winters. However, avoid it in extreme winters.


It is produced from polymers and is man-made. It is known for its durability, hence is mostly preferred in hotels and motels. It is less expensive.  It is generally used as filler between the cotton sheets as it is slightly scratchy. Avoid polyesters as much as you can.


One must be aware of the blends before making a purchase. They are highly durable and are mostly purchased because of this quality. Blends depend on the type of requirements. A combination of cotton and silk is most popular. The bedding fabrics are mostly a blend of cotton and viscose fiber.

Hope this article has thrown light in different types of bed sheets. You can choose the colors and fibers depending upon your interiors. The climate also plays a major role in the selection of bed sheets. You can opt for a branded bed sheet if you are looking for something genuine and unique. There are multiple stores that cater to this need.  Do let us know your experience and also your favoritebed sheet.

Types of mattresses

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If you need to relax and rest, you got to be having a soothing mattress. You need to take care of the back pain and sleeping comfort when it to comes to choosing a mattress. If you are using an old mattress, it is the time you change it. You definitely do not want to compromise on your health due to a low-quality mattress. There are various types of mattresses available in the market and there are various factors to evaluate them. The materials in mattresses are different and it is the major deciding factor. One can choose a mattress depending upon the budget, material and size.

Types of mattresses available in the market:

Innerspring mattress: It uses a steel coil mattress system. The innerspring is covered using upholstery materials or paddings. Higher the number of coils better is the comfort level.

Hybrid mattress: It is a combination of spring coil and various types of foams. The foams that have gels are also preferred.

Waterbed: It uses water to add support to the mattress. There are hard-sided waterbeds as well as soft-sided waterbeds. A combo of spring coil and fiber is used to make these waterbeds comfortable. The water flow is non-stop and there are chambers inside the waterbed. The water chamber is inside the rectangular frame in case of hard sided waterbed. In soft-sided waterbed, a fiber casing is used to place these rectangular frames which have the water chambers inside.

Foam mattresses: This is the most popular type of mattress and uses foam to support the system. The foam can be polyurethane foam, latex foam, gel foam or other types of foams. The shape of foams varies depending upon the mattresses.

Gel mattresses: Haven’t heard of it? A gel mattress uses foam gel. The gel is added to the foam using various technologies. It is the gel that decided the quality and comfort level of the mattress. The price also varies depending upon the foams.

Air beds: An adjustable air chamber is used in the bed systems. The padding or upholstery materials are used to cover the residential air bed chamber. Loads of foams and fibers are also used. If you are looking for a mattress which can be customized s per your choice, air beds are perfect for you. One can adjust the firmness and each side of the bed can be controlled depending upon the support. It is more of a conventional bed.

Latex mattresses: They are also very popular and are the most opted ones. Latex foam is used for latex mattresses. Foams and upholstery materials both are used. The latex can be plant based or petroleum jelly based. The prices will vary depending upon the materials used.

Adjustable foundations: They are the flexible kind of mattresses as the sleep surface can be adjusted as per the needs of the individual.

Hope this article has been useful to you. Do choose the mattress based on your requirements. A good mattress will ensure a good sleep as well as good health.

Change your bedroom decor using beautiful bed sheets

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Anything that is required to decorate the house is important. Amongst all those things, we in this post will be discussing bed sheets. To buy a right bed sheet is one big investment decision. There are many factors considered important while buying a bed sheet. The material of the bed sheet should be of very good quality, the size of the bed sheet should be perfect, color and design of the bed sheet should match your room décor, it should be eye-catching, and many more factors are there. So it is very important to buy the best and the right bed sheet. When you go to buy bed sheets it is puzzling. The colors, textures, sizes, designs, patterns of the bed sheets may confuse you completely.

Make clear decisions

So it is very important to first make it very clear in your mind that what type, color and size of bed sheet you want. Apart from this other important factor is the budget. Some bed sheets are very costly whereas some are cheap. You should keep a mediocre budget. In this case, you will not only get good quality but also medium priced bed sheet. Thread count in the bed sheet also matter. You should buy such bed sheets which are natural, 100% cotton and chemical free. The worst bed sheets are the polyester bed sheets. The material is very bad, they slip from the bed i.e. they do not get stuck to the mattress and thus it becomes very irritating. Cotton bed sheets are the best. They are not only comfortable but are also chemical free.

Size an important factor

To make your home décor beautiful, those bed sheets should be bought which fit in your bed. Extra-long and short bed sheets spoil the look of your bed and room as well. So what you have to do is take the measurement of the mattress properly before you go to buy bed sheets. You may get some common sized bed sheets. Take out the measuring tape and measure the length, width and height of the mattress. If you have bed sheets that exactly fit in your mattress then no issues, you can take that bed sheet for measurement. Buy only those mattresses which fit in properly and make your room look clean and tidy.

Materials of the bed sheet

You can enhance the beauty of your bed by using various types of materials of bed sheets. The materials available are silk, satin and cotton. All these three are the best materials considered for your bed. They enhance the beauty, fit in properly and are very comfortable. Cotton is considered as the best because it is wrinkle free and excellent. For individuals who live in cold regions can buy flannel material bed sheets. These are considered best for them. To give your home a luxurious look silk and satin bed sheets are the best. It becomes very challenging to buy bed sheets. It is always preferred to buy such bed sheets which have pillow covers also. If the pillow covers will not be matching the bed sheet then it may spoil the entire look.