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Mindfulness Psychotherapy: Mindfulness and Anger

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Anger doesn’t need any introduction as it is a part of everyone. We tend to get angry often in life and the reasons could be ample. If one can control the anger without harming others, one can balance peace of mind. However, the problem arises when anger goes out of control and it becomes harmful. There are several ways to manage your anger and Mindfulness is one among them.

Mindfulness is a strategy for anger management. NKS Therapy, a psychoeducational assessment facility in Oakville, recommends certain relaxation techniques to assist with anger/stress. It is a source of happiness as it creates awareness in the body and mind. It helps you to be compassionate towards yourself and others. It assists you in making choices. It is a way for being proactive and less reactive. Mindfulness will help you to calm down and focus on one particular thing at a time. We are social animals and we tend to wander here and there. Thus, gathering the thoughts and focusing on one prime thing is slightly difficult for us. Wondering how to proceed with mindfulness and anger, here is a simple exercise:

Mindfulness Psychotherapy exercise:

Step 1:

Relax your mind and body. Prepare yourself for mindfulness.

Step 2:

Find a quiet place and sit calmly. Start inhaling and exhaling. Focus on your breathing.

Step 3:

You can slowly stand straight. Let the hips and feet line together. Bend from the root of your knees and let your palm touch the ground. Feel comfortable. Do not stop breathing.

Step 4:

Now, focus on the incident that causes anger. Try recalling the recent incident that made you angry. Say you are angry, utter it loudly and accept the fact that you are angry.

Step 5:

Observe your behavior during this process. You might feel hot, cold, fatigued, sweaty, and shaky and other such physical symptoms might occur. Also note your emotional quotient at this level. Are you anxious, hurt, scared, depressed or heartbroken?

Step 6:

Once you have observed these activities, just calm down and relax yourself. Get back to normal. Make a note of it in your diary and analyses it. You can write a positive statement and repeat it frequently. For example, You can say “I am positive, I am calm today, I am happy today and I am at peace with myself.” Repeat these statements early in the morning or as many times as you can. It will change your mindset and will keep you positive. This will help you to calm down and have a control over your anger.

Hope this article has been useful to you. Remember, Anger is just a letter short of danger. It must be controlled to the maximum. History reminds us of the losses that occurred due to lack of control over anger. Being at peace and forgiving others can be the 2 effective remedies to control anger. You can also hire a professional who can help you to understand your behavior in a better way. There are many psychotherapy tools and techniques to understand the root cause of anger and eradicate it completely.